Song Lyrics

"Song Of Ezekiel"

by Paul Wilbur
Album: Your Great Name

I hear the sound of the prophet,
Declaring the Word of the Lord.
I hear the voice of Ezekiel,
Prophesying to these dry bones;

Live again, live again,
To those who are sleeping, those in the grave
Live again!

I hear the sound of an army,
A nation preparing for war,
I can hear Judah assembling,
And praise is their weapon of war!

Breath of God from the four winds blow,
Breathe life again to these dry bones
Arise! Arise! Arise, here and now

I hear the voice of the Watchman,
Cry from his place on the wall,
Awaken the remnant of Zion,
Salvation for all Israel!

Raise up an army from the dust of the earth!
Raise up an army of worshipers!

Brian Ming, Paul Wilbur
© 2013 Integrity Worship Music/ASCAP (adm at CapitolCMGPublishing(dot)com) & CFN

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