Song Lyrics

"I Believe"

by Rapture Ruckus
Album: I Believe

I believe I'm a new Creation
I've been planned out since before Creation
Before the first star in the sky
I was a star in his eye
Even though it took a lullaby to echo through my veins
I can't contain the thought
You took away my shame
And fought ball and chain
With the wind and rain
So that I can stand up and proclaim your name
And let the world know that with every lyric and flow
That I'm 100% sold out for you
And I ain't looking back at the things that I've done
Lay them at the feet of your son
And into your arms I will run
And I'll never leave you
And I'll never forsake you
Eternally grateful with every breath I celebrate you
You are the reason lord so you become my king
With everything my soul will sing

I Believe....

I believe nothing can separate us from his love
Nothing I can ever do nothing I've ever done
There's nothing too impossible for him to overcome
He's God Almighty Man
There's nothing new under the sun
He is the only way
He is the only life
The only life worth living in his eternal light
He is my motivation
My only inspiration
Granting salvation to people from every nation
My Gods the only God
Where's the rest at'

If Y'all don't believe then I gotta repect that
But I gotta let my light shine
Light up the darkness
And now I'm ready...ready...ready spark this
Yo! And I ain't nobody special just your average Joe
Tryin' to flow
Tryin' to let the world know that'
I believe that Jesus came to set the world free
And even if I don't believe in God
God believes in me

I Believe....

I believe that you gotta believe in yourself
And I ain't talking about only riches and wealth
I'm talking about God of the Heavens
God of the stars
Same God understands and he knows who you are
He put you on this Earth with a purpose and a plan
Same God once walked this Earth as a man
He understands what you're going through
He understands pain
He's had nails through his hands and people spitting on his name
He conquered death and he holds the key
So salvation's given free to all those who believe
And I can feel this thing building in my spirit and my soul
I can feel this thing building like it's ready to blow!
And I can't hold this no more
This is the reason I was born
To live what I believe or I ain't believing at all
If you don't believe me at all
But I believe that it's true
If my God believes in me
Then my God believes in you

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