Song Lyrics

"Grab Your Umbrella"

by The Talleys
Album: Finest Hour

Verse 1:
It was hot; it was dry
Not a cloud in the sky
But Elijah prayed and prayed
Trusting God that relief was on the way

Pre 1
So if life has left you kicking up dust
Keep listenin', keep looking up

Grab your umbrella get ready to sing in the rain
God in His goodness is gathering showers of grace
You may not see a single cloud
But behind the scenes God is working things out, so
Grab your umbrella, get ready to sing in the rain

Verse 2:
When the sun just won't set
And the heat won't relent
Don't give up, it’s not the end
Just believe there are blessings moving in

Pre 2:
Get down on your knees and start praying up a storm
Soon you’re gonna hear the thunder roar

Chorus Repeat

He’ll pour out mercies at the perfect time
The windows of heaven will open wide, and

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