Song Lyrics

"The Cross is All the Proof I Need"

by Triumphant
Album: Thankful

(Verse 1)
If I never get to see the signs and wonders,
If the miracles I prayed for never came,
There'd be no cause to doubt the love of Jesus,
'Cause his love for me is faithful just the same.

The cross is all the proof I need,
The nails the blood a hill called cavalry,
No greater love was given, than this so I believe,
The cross is all the proof I need.

(Verse 2)
I am blessed beyond what I could have imagined,
For his favor finds me everywhere I go,
But if I walk a road of tragedy and sorrow,
I would still sing Jesus loves me this I know.

All I really need to know is how far love would chose to go,
To purchase love for me,
and I believe ...

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