Song Lyrics

"The Waters"

by Valerie Victoria
Album: Forever Glorified - EP

You have shown me I can walk the waters to You
You have called me through though I cant see what’s ahead
I will keep my eyes and my focus on You cause You are for me

You will drown my every setback in the sea
You will pull me out into Your victory
You will place me on the waters of Your love
Where no doubt can find me

And my heart knows that You are faithful
And my lips will praise through every season
And I will stand firm,
As you walk me on the waters of your love

I have found my only strength in You
I have fought to seek peace and pursue
So I will continue to press on
cause You are for me Yes, You are for me.

And even when it feels like I’m starting to fall
I know You’ll never let me go,
When wind and waves surround me,
My feet will remain forever steadfast on Your love.

© 2016 Valerie Victoria

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