Song Lyrics

"Here We Are"

by Bellarive
Album: The Heartbeat

Listen close
These are my thoughts
What do I know
All I know is I'm fighting

Faking strong
Wondering what's taking so long
What are You waiting for
Maybe You're waiting for me
I think You're waiting for me

Love opens my hands
I can feel Your heartbeat
There's rest for my soul
As it remembers that it's free
So come on, be free

On the brink
Struggling with what You will think
But all I know is You're for me

Just buying time
What's so hard about crossing this line
What am I waiting for
What am I waiting for

You're coming on strong
You're coming on strong

Lay it all at Your feet
I'm not leaving
Here's my heart for the taking, God
Keep it
Face down at Your feet
I'm not leaving
For You are where I want to be, God

Here we are
(You're coming on strong)

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