Song Lyrics

"Cleanse You"

by Calee Reed
Album: Believer

[Verse 1]
The waves come high
My ship is sinking
And I'm thinking of letting go
The waters deep
And I am gasping
Struggling to hear you, Lord
Captain of my soul

Why did you lead me here to this uncharted sea?
Did you bring me here just to drown me?
"What if I didn't bring you here to drown you but to cleanse you?", He whispers.
And "What if you chose to breathe me in?
Let this wash you clean a-gain," He whispers.
He whispers, "I know the waters deep but if you only knew it isn't meant to drown you,"
He whispers. "But to cleanse you.”

[Verse 2]
The sun sets low
My faith is failing
And I'm sailing deep into the night
The fog rolls in and I am searching
Trying in vain again to find Your guiding light

(Repeat Chorus)

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