Song Lyrics

"What Do You Believe"

Album: The Art Of Transformation

Yes, it's like this...

What Do You Believe'
What Do I Believe'
What Does the mind conceive'

In these last days man crazed signs and wonder
So my hearts speak, prophesy through sounds of thunder

On tracks lightning cracked backs of atheist plunder
Do I really believe God came in the form of a man
Destroyed what he created just to raise it again
So we can be cleansed, step in for his own in the end
Give account for our meaning then keep in command
So many have human needs, they don't understand
So many have questions unanswered because it's bigger than man

Yo, and the only answer given is rejected in doubt
Cause too many live in lives, instead of Christ lived-out

So what do you believe'
And what do I believe'
What does the mind conceive'
Man, it gets so deep...

What do you believe'
What do I believe'
Man, it gets so deep, so deep...

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