Song Lyrics

"Wake up and get up"

by Havana
Album: Wake up and Get Up

When the sun is surely rising up
Every time you can't get up
That's feel so bad ohh girl that's
really bad
Your friends are waitin' for you,
their calling out your name-outside
your room, your door, your house... ohh
baby can't you see' can't you feel'

Baby just wake up
Girl, get get up
Baby just, wake wake up
Girl, get get upt

If you're asleep, I'm still waitin'
I'll breathe your breath as well
Your angelic face is the head most of you
That's not lie, just wonderin' wonderin'
why you've always been remain the same... again

Baby kindly get up will you be my senorita
Don't know what to do if aint gonna see yah
Baby please don't be afraid of me
I'm a lawful person when it comes to love ah
You're like an ecstacy that can't be stop
Baby girl no regret I love you
I,I,I love love you

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