Song Lyrics

"Sing Through Me"

by Jason Gray
Album: All The Lovely Losers

I used to move so easy
To the rhythm of your heart
But these days I'm always stumbling
Over everything I start

You shape me like a story
You sing me like a song
But lately to be honest
I'm too weak to sing along

Touch my lips and set Your words upon my tongue
Be the breath that fills my lungs

So sing through me
The song I long to sing for You
Awaken me
With the music I once knew
I've grown weary
Of all my empty melodies
So sing through me

These days are like a hammer
They can leave me feeling numb
Like I'm down beneath the table
Fighting for the crumbs

I've got nothing left to say to anyone
So now I pray the words will come


Be the strength inside my weakness
Be the song when I am speechless

I want to feel your heart beat pounding in my own
Like a drum to shake my bones

'Sing through me
Stir the tigers in my blood
Set me free
Like a river rising up in flood
Fuel the fire
Of my desire
Fan the flame inside of me
And sing through me

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