Song Lyrics

"The Other Side"

by Jason Gray
Album: A Way to See in the Dark

I stood on the edge of 8 years old
On a mountain top in Minnesota
Behind my old grade school
We'd steady our nerve and take a breath
Throwing ourselves to certain death
But the kings of the hill must fight to keep their rule

I went back there a couple years ago
That mountain was twenty feet tall

Skip to the scene where I was sixteen
Taking my turn on the tilt-a-whirl
Holding the hand of a brown eyed girl
I thought would be the one
When the ride got rough we were torn apart
The spinning stopped like a broken heart
I blinked and she was gone

I felt shipwrecked at the edge of the world
But love came and found me again

On the other side it's easier to see the way
His hand provides just in time to save the day
And I realize the mountains I was scared to climb
Aren't as big as I thought they were
When I'm on the other side

Skip to the scene where I'm on my knees
Holding on 'til the morning light
Trying to trust when the money's tight
In a hope I can't explain
Crossword puzzles in the waiting room
Praying for an answer soon
To fill in all the blanks

But I've been here many times before
And love's always carried me through

How many times am I destined to prove
I can't do this all on my own
But there is freedom in failing and finding his mercy
And standing in front of his throne
I'm not as big as I thought I was

So I won't be afraid
No matter what the trouble is I see today
The maker of the mountains, He will make a way
To lead me through the darkness to the other side'

Every chapter that we've been through
Has taught me to rely on you
Jesus teach me that again

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