Song Lyrics

"I Know I'll Be There"

by Karen Peck
Album: Hope for the Nations

I don't know if I'll ever understand it
Why life always happens like it does
Even though I know were only here for a while
How come it never seems like long enough
I don't know just when my time is coming
Still I know God has a plan for me
I don't know what leaving looks like, but I know this
You won't have to worry where I'll be.

I know, I'll be there
In a place where Jesus promised He would prepare
It's beyond imagination, all the glories we will share
And I know, I'll be there.

I don't know what kind of mansion God's preparing
Streets of gold I know I'm gonna find
All the pain and suffering that comes in this life
It won't be long, I'll leave it all behind.

I know that I'm forgiven
I know my name is written
I know that I am covered by the blood
And I believe.

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