Song Lyrics

"Your Glory Goes On"

by MercyMe
Album: Spoken For

Verse 1
Well I'm amazed by the wondrous Glory
Struck by the way its consuming me
And I embrace this feeling deep within me
Worshipping You is my destiny
There's not an end to your majesty

Your glory goes on and on and on and on
It's never gonna fade away
It keeps going on and on and on and on
Forever will your glory reign

Verse 2
No matter what I'm gonna keep on living
Even when times get the best of me
'Cause I'm in love with the King of heaven
Whose glory goes on for eternity
And I will proclaim so all the world will see

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
Lord I tremble with the truth
That you think of me
There's no end to what you'll do
For Your glory

Repeat Chorus

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