Song Lyrics

"Butchered Mutilation"

by Mortification
Album: Scrolls / Post Momentary

centurion ponders thoughts of
how much can a man take before
vitals fading blood is draining
soul leaves body for eternity - eternity...

victims life must remain, canvas of living gore he'll become
haemorrage, larcerations start, soon his body will be torn apart
blood gushes forth from his back, arteries, ligaments, veins hacked out
muscle tissue, tendons now exposed, a mangled mess never to decompose

flesh is hanging, red and dripping
on splattered praetorium floor
capillaries spurting fresh blood
lashes flying unrelenting...

butchered mutilation
butchered mutilation
butchered mutilation
butchered mutilation

a strong stomach is required for this toture
repulsive sight you must behold no longer human
standing naked, humiliated, mutilated
death forbidden til final act, crucifixion


trapezius clearly showing through a mangled mess of tissue
latisimus dorsi bleeding infraspinatis veins ripped out

butchered mutilation - flesh is hanging red and dripping
butchered mutilation - lashes still fly unrelenting

no posterior support remains, all muscle of the back gone
scapula, ribs and spine are left to protect vital organs
resembling a dissection, from a medical laboratory
lungs, digestive system visible, anotomical destruction

butchered mutilation
capillaries spurting fresh blood
butchered mutilation
on splattered praetorium floor

this carnarge could not have happened
however it really took place
2000 years ago is when
God descended to become a

butchered mutilation
hanging on a gore splattered cross
butchered mutilation
salvation, justification.

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