Song Lyrics

"Welcome To The Palodrome"

by Mortification
Album: Triumph Of Mercy


Welcome to the paladrome, mansions in the sky,
welcome to the paladrome, Lambs book of life


All these problems count for nought, in the
light of eternity.

Verse 1

all our cares will be lost, all our fears
will be gone, the pain on which you dwell is useless
to your sould.

Interlude 1

he's our healer, our provider, he is
there, in our pain

Chorus repeat

Bridge repeat

All this flesh will be gone, our mind won't understand
but put your hope in Love, His way will be inveiled

Interlude 2

He's our comfort, our great high priest, the ONE we
love, take pain to your knees

Interlude 1 repeat

Interlude 2 repeat

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