Song Lyrics

"Going Nowhere"

by Barren Cross
Album: Rock For The King

Life is short so go and try
Grab all you can before you die
Is this you-You're going nowhere
Someone came and died for you
But you just want your pleasure
You-you're going nowhere

Blowin' out your wheels as you rip on by-out of sight
The people stare-
You perform your dare in the night
You choose your fun more than God's own Son
Why do you run'
You'll go insane when the devil's name runs your guns

Jesus cares

You're runnin' the town
Messin' around to the core
Your life is in shralls
Pleasure prevails in the door
Why don't you see new life is waiting-it's free
God's love is here and He wants to free you and me

Jesus cares

Blowin' out your wheels as you rip on by telling why
'Cause you found that Jesus made you free
Now you see

You'll be there
No time
To waste
Soon we'll
See His face

Lyrics Copyright 1986 Barren Cross

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