Song Lyrics

"It s All Come True"

by Barren Cross
Album: Rock For The King

Then came forth the day
My life was taken away
I've been warned so many times
It's gonna all come true they say
I looked back at my past life
I rejected the one who came
To save us from this present fate
I must have been insane

I sit and think of a time
When I was once given a chance to receive
The love of god; but I spat in his face
I got up - began to leave
I went about my whole life
Doing my own thing when I pleased
If only I had listened
I would be bound for glory

The day of judgment has arrived
Now who's rejecting whom
How many times have you been told
It's gonna all come true for - for you
All come true for you
It's all come true

Lyrics Copyright 1986 Barren Cross

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