Song Lyrics

"Jehovah Nissi"

by Mortification
Album: EnVision EvAngelene

Jehovah Nissi, the Lord is my banner in war
Jehovah Nissi, upholding the armour of God

Amalek came at Israel
Moses ordered Joshua choose some men
Go out and fight
Tomorrow I will stand on top of the hill


With the rod of God in my hand
I will raise the banner [2x]

Chorus repeat

Joshua rounded the men
Israel fought with Amalek
Moses, Aron, Hur on top of the hill
When Moses raised his hands Israel prevailed

Prechorus repeat

Musical bridge

Moses hands became heavy
so they put a stone under them
Aron and Hur support their friend
until the going down of the sun
Joshua defeated Amalek
and so it was with the power of the sword
written in the memorial book
The Lord is my banner in war!

Prechorus repeat

Chorus repeat

And the Lord has shown
He will have war with Amalek
from generation to generation

Musical bridge repeat

With the rod of God in my hand [3x]
Jehovah Nissi

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