Song Lyrics

"Peace In The Galaxy"

by Mortification
Album: EnVision EvAngelene

Fascination with the stars
Consequences of the crystal factor
Answers to life are far
Looking for hope in all the wrong places

Bridge 1

Destined to die, lost in lies, fated
Hating your life, answers none taken

Transcendental meditation
Separation to the new age
Satan has bound your mind
The angel of light transfixion

Bridge 1 repeat


And there'll be peace in the galaxy
when people trust the truth in Christianity, Sanctity

1.5x Chorus repeat

Situation of change
You must arise and forsake
Satanic lies of today
Arise and embrace the glory

Bridge 2

Destined for life, found in Christ, salvation
Loving your life, answers all taken

2x Chorus repeat

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