Song Lyrics

"People Change"

by for KING
Album: Crave

Wanna tell you I'm alright
Wanna say I'm not in pain
But I will just be telling lies
I'm not okay, not okay

Wanna travel back in time
Say the things I didn't say
I wanna tell you everything if it's not too late
Is it too late'

Will you be there if I call'
Will you leave me in the rain'
If I say it's all my fault, will you still walk away'
I understand if you're afraid
But people change, people change

Stay awake and talk to me
Let me hold you while you sleep
I've been out here on my own but you're my home
You're my home


I'm not gonna let you down this time
Darling don't be afraid
People change and I can change


People change
People change

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