Song Lyrics


by for KING
Album: Crave

Verse 1
Black hole in a broken heart
Took your innocence and left a scare
Crossed lines and crashed your world
Tore your soul in two

Too much to lock you're door
Trapped this uncivil war
Too much to comprehend
What this could make of you

Pre Chorus 1
Will it echo
Is it waiting
to determine
What will become

You will be sane
You will be free
This won't decide
Who you're gonna be

You will be safe
You will be new
The cycle will break
The future will change

And you will be sane

Verse 2
Scared that the secret might come out
and you're gonna loose what you barely found
Caught in the loop... that wines you back
But anyone can change

Pre Chorus 2
Take a chance now
Cause it waiting
It's not the end here there's more to come

Scream it out loud
And watch all of the pieces crumble down
Tell it to me now
And darling thats how freedom will be found

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