Song Lyrics

"Pushing On A Pull Door"

by for KING
Album: Crave

If hope is what you're after
I can take it and to turn it into rain

When tears become laughter
I will catch them and turn them back again
Yeah, I will catch them and twist them back again

When you're upside-down, then you'll see it all
That you spend all your time
Pushing on a pull door

You made a plan
You think you're in control
Yeah, you're flying
But you are way too high to fall

And hey man
Check around the corner
Because it's coming
Here's your wakeup call
Don't you hear me coming
I'm your wakeup call


I will shake you
I will make your
Shattered dreams unwind

'Cause it's only when it goes to pieces
Only then as time increases
You will find the peace that you've been dying for
You realize that all this time
You've been pushing on a pull door
You've been pushing on a pull door


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