Song Lyrics

"Focus (feat. Tamara Lloyd"

by Ar Base
Album: Press On

[Verse One]
Even if I have five thousand friends
Or more than twenty notification sends
It will not take the pain away
Or take the loneliness away
What happened to this generation
The craving for affirmation
Its a subtle pressure
To steal our time away

[Verse Two]
The love of self it will climb to highs
Looking at our own pictures with much smiles
Its like we are going crazy
Staring at our own selfless
It was prophesied
But we need to look up to the skies
If we want the pain to go
This is what we need to do

We need throw our hands up high
And take the focus off me
And put the focus on you
Lord we put the focus on you.

[Bridge One]
I'm appealing to you God
For my generation
Wont you heal us
Heal us
I'm crying to you
For this generation
Save us (2x)

[Bridge Two]
If my people that are called
Will humble themselves
I will heal their land
So we'll take the focus off me
And put the focus on you

[Bridge Three]
I put the focus on you (2x)
When people look at me
Your image they will see

I put the focus on you (2x)
This generation
Give restoration

Give Restoration
We put the focus on you

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