Song Lyrics

"Jesus Is Resting"

by Ar Base
Album: Press On

[Verse One]
Oh what long day today
I feel like I need a break
Been stressing on my job
Stressing in my home
Stressing everywhere I go
When seas billow and roll
And I don't know where to go
I need to ask the question what
What did my Jesus do?

[Verse two]
I hear the thunder roaring
Because Prince of peace is here
My heart can relax
And still know no fear
You can on walk water
And still enjoy your life
You need to ask the question
Does blessing come by might?

[Bridge One]
Now If Jesus rested
If He rested
You can take a break
Oh you can take a break

Despite everything that was going on
He still rested

if Jesus is resting in the storm
Theres no need to cry
My stressing over over

[Bridge Two]
No more stressing
No more worrying
You can take a break (2x)

Its Over

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