Song Lyrics

"Hold On"

by Ar Base
Album: Press On

[Verse One]
Theres no need for you
To give up
And throw in the towel
If you just wait a little more
He'll make a way somehow
Its just around the corner
The promotion you've been hoping for
I see greatness ahead of you

[Verse Two]
You feel so forgotten
And you want to walk away
Trust all you do to God
And He will show you the way
He's getting it all prepared
So all your enemies will be aware
That Gods hand is on you

Hold on
Your blessing
Is not far off from here
Theres no reason to give up
Cause your time soon

[Bridge One]
Hold On (2x)
Theres a calling on your life

Your the light (3x)
You're the light of this world

Hold On

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