Song Lyrics

"Grievous Words"

by Ar Base
Album: Press On

[Verse One]
If you really want peace in your life
The best way is stay away from the strife
Less talking
More listening
More praying
I'm saying

[Verse Two]
When you focus on you quarreling too
People cant tell who is the fool
No Judging
More Loving
More Praying
I'm saying

When you don't know what to say
Its better to be silent
Cause grievous words
Just Stir up anger
In quietness is your strength
If you wanna live in peace

[Verse Three]
Less Talking
More is praying
Is what changes things
No Judging
More loving
Brings people
Closer to the King

[Bridge ]
Let it go Let it go
Its not worth the time
You are spending on it
Let it go
A quick retort ruins everything
Why respond to something
That has no bearing
On destiny

[Coda One]
if you wanna live in peace

[Coda Two]
Less talk more
More prayer
Is what changes thing

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